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Litecraft lighting
Gorse Mill, Gorse Street
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Located in Chadderton (Oldham), Litecraft lighting is a well established lighting retailer that provides Lighting products to customers, property developers and the private sector throughout the UK. Established in 1958 this lighting retailer has 49 years experience in the Lighting sector.
Litecrafts aim is to help its customers find the latest in home lighting products whilst offering low prices, next day delivery and free bulbs with every purchase, the retailer provides customers with an expert level of advice and service. With friendly, polite, experienced staff willing to advise wherever needed, their online store is guaranteed to be easy to use, with fast secure payment and a huge range of goods at up to 75 percent off High Street prices.

This retailer provides a huge range of high quality lighting which features the very latest designs. Their product range includes Chandeliers, wall lights, Tiffany lighting, Ceiling Lights, Table Lamps, LED lighting, Outdoor lighting and Bathroom Lighting. The products are available from their website at very low prices.

This retailer is a member of the lighting association and is an acredited lighting retailer.

8 customer reviews

8 Oct 2012
LiteCraft sent me the incorrect order (two of the three items were wrong and the one item that I ordered didn’t work). I know it was faulty as my electrician couldn't install the light and instead cost me a wasted call out charge.
I arranged a "drop and swap" with LiteCraft to replace the wrong items – however they sent the replacement items to the wrong address.
After weeks of arguing with their customer service team it turns out they sent the redelivery to Flat 4 and not my address at Flat 43. I obtained the redelivered items from the wrong address only to find out that they had redelivered the incorrect order again!!
I retuned the replacement order (again) and eventually got a refund however no apology or internal investigation into their incompetence. What a joke - never use them or you'll regret it!
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21 Feb 2012
I ordered 3 spotlights and from litecraft liverpool realized I only needed 2 when i got home. I rang straight away and asked the
girl to cancel one of the lights she refused and said that when they arrive we could have a credit note or a exchange for the amount of one of the lights. we where told it would take 7 to 10 days for the lights to arrive so they could have easly cancelled one light.... havent they heard of a happy customer is a returning customer.
I will not be shopping again in litecraft and will stick to proper shops who allow you to change your mind and give back your money in cash.
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13 Feb 2012
Feb 12 Ordered some spotlights from here and sold wrong ones when I collected them. Promised by them to send adaptors to correct incorrect fitting none arrvived! Phoned again and wrong ones delivered. 4 trips to store, 6 phone calls and still not resolved. Worst service I have ever experienced. I am now out of my money, out of my time and out of patience. Never again!
20 Oct 2011
i sent back the items that i didn't want for a refund & the idiots at litecraft saying they didn't receive the item & they only paid me £55 refund & i was expecting back £130 the robbing gits, cust serv was reALLY AWFULL
2 Dec 2009
The most awful experience from start to finish! Terrible customer services. Wrong item ordered to start with, then correct item was available, then it wasnt, then is was etc. Never ever again.
25 Jun 2009
Bought the black maria theresa chandelier, which was cheaper on this site, than others i had looked on. Was delivered quick and well packaged, all in all good service. thanks A+++
24 Jun 2009
Just purchased a pair of table lamps for the dining room and cannot believe what exceptional value they were. They arrived on time, well packaged and in full working order so absolutely no complaints from this company. I even subscribed to their newsletter which keeps me informed with their current offers.
17 Nov 2008
awful service if you buy online be warned!
Its not very often I would take the time to write a review - but I have to warn others of the poor service and lack of customer care should your product be delivered damaged!.
I have now purchased two of the £179 sputnik lights - the first I thought unfortunately that bad packaging was the problem and you know chasing recurrant damaged crystals was unfortunate, although conceivable (the forgiving person I am).

Now however after buying a second light to match the existing one I now have a very strong feeling of been here before! Lite craft is the worst online ordering experience and naff customer service that I have ever had.

- If they respond to your email you will have a false sense of security to make you think that they will rectify a problem. However three follow on emails to chase where the replacements are and to be told the Royal Mail is delaying it (FOR WEEKS I MIGHT ADD) - they must have been walking from their warehouse to deliver.

- If you try to ring their telephone number you will hold and hold and hold until you have been asked so many times to press no. 2 to stay on the line nearly 30 mins later that you just hang up.

So after getting really frustrated you ring one of there stores and chat to a really helpful person who sends an internal email on your behalf for them to ring you back, which amazingly they did. However, if you are called back by Falsel he will just laugh with his colleague and think that you cant hear him!.

Today my replacement 60 crystals arrived - and I now find myself saying not chipped too bad - that wont notice. Although 22 are beyond disguise and are risk of cutting customers fingers due to the splintered glass - I have called today and 20 mins later hung up, thus resorting back to sending an email - suppose I should think myself lucky it wasnt as bad as having 60 crystals broken out of 96 in the first instance.

I truely do not believe that this will be resolved before christmas! Be warned.
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Last Updated : 15 May 2007