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Quarry Bank
Brierley Hill
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Kapin is a non for profit partnership business offering specialist domiciliary care for a portfolio of clients with learning disabilities, epilepsy, sensory loss and autism in the West Midlands. The partnership, which is based in Quarry Bank (Brierley Hill), was set-up in 2005 and was formed simply to help individuals with learning disabilities have the same chances to live a normal life as the able bodied.
With a team of 9 skilled care professionals, this is a growing business established in the niche market of specialist care. The team are highly skilled in the care of adults with learning disabilities, including challenging behaviour, epilepsy, autism, sensory loss and non verbal communication.

This non for profit enterprise is dedicated to enabling adults with learning disabilities supported by networks of friends, carers and families to live independent lives. The senior management team are all volunteers and also offer advice and support to other local families and support groups.

The team aims to enable individuals with learning disabilities to live independent and fulfilling lives and has dedicated living accommodation whilst providing an excellent care package. The expert staff ensure clients' care needs are met fully. The services offered are designed to achieve a high standard of care every time.
Last Updated : 12 Jul 2008