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Wing Chun in
Master Chan the Head of Kamon Martial Art Federation
As in most martial arts we do basic drills
You get individual guidance along the way
Learning a basic punch
You will learn to develop skills to defend yourself against various attacks
All training is carried out in a safe manner under the watchful eye of the instructor
Master Chan doing a demonstration in Bristol in Dec 2011

Kamon Wing Chun Kung Fu Clifton
BGS Sports Centre, Elmdale Rd

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Kamon Wing Chun's aim is to teach progressive Kamon Wing Chun kung fu for self-defence, to improve self-confidence and to inspire and encourage a sense of lifelong personal development and learning. Taught in a friendly, supportive environment, there are regular classes in Clifton (just off the “Triangle”) on Mondays and Wednesdays since 1997 where beginners are always welcome.
Kamon Wing Chun Clifton has eclectic mix of people and from all walks of life, which includes doctors, shop assistants, musicians, mechanics, students, etc. , all training in a friendly and supportive environment.

With experienced and fully qualified staff, the Kamon is also able to offer corporate and private training in self defence and self protection to companies and individuals.

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6 Jul 2013
I joined Kamon because I wanted to get out the house, meet people, keep fit and do something that would be useful in other aspects of life. I stayed for the last three years because I discovered that there was much, much more than that.

There are many ways to train within Kamon. Within the classical Wing Chun core there’s much to learn about control and technique, making the most of what you’ve got and how to play it safe and smart in a violent situation. Then there’s the cool stuff I guess, like defending off an attacker with one hand, defending attacks blind folded, throwing guys twice my size into a wall (all under controlled conditions, of course), the one-inch punch… OK it’s more like six inches in my case, but it’s pretty close, right?

In addition to Wing Chun we also cross-train with Western Boxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu which builds an awareness of other martial arts. Additionally we get involved in the wider self-defence community and build a mentality to pressure test the techniques in real self defence scenarios.

One thing I would say is that the primary focus is self-defence – sport fighting isn’t really on the curriculum. I think this helps as the classes are very welcoming and everyone is friendly so the learning is paced depending on your confidence. None of that ego rubbish.

I’m a mechanical engineer by profession therefore I’m practical and I don’t buy in to magical solutions – the laws of physics don't change because you have a long, white beard. I don’t want to fight someone; I want to deal with them as quickly, efficiently and safely as possible. That being said I also don’t want to end up in a jail cell because I used the magic death touch on someone who had just had a bit too much to drink, so the things I’ve learnt about de-escalation and preventing a violent situation in the first place are just as useful.

I wouldn't say I’m into Martial Arts, I just wanted something that works when I need to use it and I hope that I never have to. I can’t get my foot over my head. Hell, most days I can barely get it above my waist. I’ve never been in a fight as I’ve always talked my way out of it.

I’ve learnt a lot, but there’s so much to learn. 5 ninjas out of 5.
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22 Feb 2011
Great Wing Chun class. Perfect for beginners and advanced alike. I started here after no martial arts experience a few years ago and enjoyed it immediately. Lots of practical application to what you learn, and a friendly, progressive learning environment.
16 Sep 2010
Kamon Wing Chun is an excellent martial art to learn and is taught in the correct and proper manner, the full system of Wing Chun is taught and is extremely effective. Good martial arts does not depend on strength, size or gender but depends on the quality of the teaching given and the willingness of the student to learn, listen, train and practice. I have trained in a number of other martial arts with other teachers in different classes and in comparison the teaching within Kamon is second to none. It is taught in a holistic manner giving students a greater understanding of themselves and the world around them. Kamon Wing Chun is designed to give its students confidence, teaching them how to handle potential and very real physical confrontations. The teachers are very knowledgeable and approachable with everybody welcome to come and train. Principles are taught and are carried right through the whole organisation, Bruce Lee's 'fighting without fighting, will be taught, along with the other principles of Wing Chun, defending and attacking along the centre line, tension theory, relaxation, simultaneous attack and defence. Other things that will be taught is how to use 'the fence', being able to control your personal space, feeding techniques that allow the student to deal with the random attacks that can be experienced out on the street, sensitivity drills such as Lok Sau and Chi Sau that allow you to move around your opponent and allow you to strike effectively as well as the Wing Chun Forms that continue to teach the students greater detail of the system and the principles involved. Kamon also teaches students about the Law, understanding reasonable force and giving students an idea of what to expect from having to use Wing Chun in self-defence from the Police. Kamon Wing Chun has given me a greater confidence, taught me self-worth, given me a greater understanding of both myself as an individual and of the people around me, enabled me to spot potential dangers before they even happen and given me the tools to defend myself against any attacker. Read More
7 Aug 2010
Found this class after looking at many others. It is friendly class where everyone is given attention. It is well structured and you can see your progression. One of the things that appealed to me was there is no competion fights like many other martial arts classes. Recommended!
2 Aug 2010
I spent time looking for the best Wing Chun class in bristol and this was the recommended one. The lessons are structured in a logical manner which allows the student to advance at a pace that he/she is comfortable with. The lessons are taught in a friendly atmosphere that puts the student at ease.
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