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KaiLexx Computers offers high quality website solutions and web hosting at prices that beat the credit crunch.
Most competitors talk about a thousand pound minimum budget, KaiLexx Computers say, "There is no minimum".

Full E-Commerce Solutions with many features that can be added on as desired. KaiLexx Computers also offers hosting plans.

KaiLexx Computers is a growing team of experienced professionals, currently with more than 18 years of experience in the Web Design and Development Sector.

KaiLexx Computers Marketing team will optimise your site for the best possible search engine results on your chosen keywords.

KaiLexx Computers Development team will ensure that all your website needs are met with a fast, reliable, secure solution.

KaiLexx Computers provide high quality website designs, optimised for search engines, and delivered on high end, reliable web servers using the latest available technologies from Microsoft and other technology providers.

Each website produced by KaiLexx Computers is designed with your customer in mind. With focus on fast delivery of pages, while maintaining an effective and visually captivating experience.

The firm develops various KMod Modules that are developed entirely in-house and plug in into any site developed by KaiLexx Computers, these Kmods would normally cost a fortune in development time but as they are developed independently of contracts with the client, the costing is distributed over multiple clients reducing the overall cost to a single client to approximately 1/25th of the normal cost. The products are all supplied with a full Control panel (Web based and secured) as well as all relevant features to automate and simplify the individual KMod, making them suitable for any client from a single home user to a full corporate entity with many staff members, and they are available from your own website domain, with the ACP on a sub domain, all set up and managed by KaiLexx.

KaiLexx Computers has a satisfied network of clients, situated in and around Maidstone, including Retail Outlets, Service providers (Such as Carpentry and Building Services).
Last Updated : 22 Jun 2009