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Job Worth Doing
Unit 5 Twickenham Road, Fifers Lane Trading Estate

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With many years experience in the home improvement industry, Job Worth Doing supplies and installs PVCU windows, doors, gutters, fascias, downpipes, driveways, porches, conservatories, garage doors and door canopies to home owners throughout England. Founded in 1969, the company has a head office in Norwich.
Enabling customers to live a low maintenance life, the company provides homeowners with a professional installation service. With centres throughout England and fully qualified staff, one of the benefits is to improve energy efficiency.

Consisting of low maintenance PVC-U, the windows, doors and conservatories are made to your specifications and are just right for your home. Available throughout England, the products are tailored to individual needs and are covered by a comprehensive 10 year warranty.

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11 customer reviews

NEW14 hours ago
Well, they actually did not provide any work. This company is related to Zenith conservatories. The same company who send dodgy salesman to rip off pensioners.
My wife was duped into signing a contract with Zenith and despite several irregularities they cannot accept any kind of negotiation. They want to extort money just because the contract was signed, even though nothing was build at all! Avoid at all costs!! Try to get quotes from your local independent supplier. Read More
4 Sep 2014
Job worth doing are an absolute joke had my double glazing fitted last November and I am still waiting for it to be completed I have been phoning the company since April but still waiting on a reply I took out the extra cover for any time repairs stay well clear they also made a complete mess of my interior and refused to fix it.
19 Sep 2013
We are currently having a conservatory built by zenith, but they use this company Job Worth Doing- Job's worth more like!!! It was supposed to have been completed in the first 3 weeks in august but has been a catalogue of disasters including very poor brickwork, some of which had to be demolished and redone. Pointing was either missed or done badly, and I'm sure we didn't ask for that 'rolling sea' effect in the brickwork! They didn't point much of my neighbour's side of the wall; perhaps they thought we wouldn't notice. They were very unreliable, saying they'd start tuesday, then as they were leaving, say no, it would be friday. They were badly organised, wasted time through making mistakes, and their remedies were insufficient. The uPVC is no better, with poor fits every where, broken edges, joints that stand proud and are rough. Many parts were not delivered, such as 2 roof panels and a central beam, the guttering and window handles, and one window is smashed.We have now been told that the roof panels and central beam have to be made, despite a letter in june telling us it was completed and ready for installation. And who said anything about the lengths of wood they have used on the tall wall? I thought conservatories were made to measure!!! It is now mid september and goodness knows when it will be finished. We have contacted Zenith to come and see this turkey for themselves and also reported it to trading standards. They have offered to replace our inner door, which has been damaged by all the heavy rain now anyway, free of charge, but can we trust them to do it, or will it be another Jobsworth bodge job.
11/10/13 The saga continues- now it has been totally demolished because the work was so poor and we have been asked to supply our own builders! Frankly we wouldn't trust ANY of theirs. I'm still worried about the uPVC part though- think it's going to be a long winter. How does this company hope to stay solvent if it keeps having to demolish its own work? We'd like to hear from anyone in the know because the warranty (if the thing ever gets built properly) won't be worth the paper its written on.
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25 Aug 2013
st Helens glass job worth doing weatherseal norwood all one thing in common the sales manager david hurst is a crook he sold windows to my mother at an extortionate price and and on the cancellation section crossed out that part and wrote cannot be cancelled, luckily I saw this within the cooling off period the surveyor had already been. I was told I couldnt cancel as it had been surveyed and my mother signed a form doing away with her right to cancel. The job is cancelled no amount of threats to sue will scare me do not use this unscrupulous firm preying on the elderly and vunerable. Read More
19 Apr 2013
Gentleman arrived from Chelmsford to give a quote on 13 March 2013, nothing arrived, emailed on the 5th April to Head Office Norwich that I had not received a quote in the post, 11th April receive quote in the post, undated, although envelope dated 8th April. The quote was so high I could not take it up, on 17 April JWD rang and asked about quote, informed them would not be using them and took the hint that the quote was so high I took the hint that they did not want the plastering job. Read More
24 Jan 2013
Totally unreliable. Tradesman turned up before Xmas and promised to provide a quote post christmas. Nothing was heard so a telephone call was made to chase the quotes. Again a response was promised. Nothing ever heard, no apologies , no reasons. This firm is unreliable and has appalling customer care standards.
8 Aug 2012
I have had a terrible experience with Job Worth Doing, having originally purchased new windows with Zenith they sent out Job Worth Doing to install the new windows. During the installation the windows were placed on the grass out side which made the windows dirty around the edges. When put into place they were not cleaned and we now have dirt around all of the windows edges where. The next issue was the workmen smashing one of the windows during the installation which then took months and a lot of chasing up to ever get replaced. Having a number of dates arranged they would not show up. This involved me chasing them up to find out why. Another issue with the new windows is that some of the windows have noticeable scratches on them, which is disappointing as this is down to them being poorly treated and damaged on the journey to be installed, careless really. Zenith were not the cheapest nor the most expensive I felt going down the middle was a safe option but we ended up with a bunch of cow boys with as much professionalism as the monkeys in the zoo. Avoid both of these companies like the plague as I will be after my stressful experience with them. Read More
15 Jun 2012
My partner had windows and doors fitted from Weatherseal who in turn have `job worth doing` fit them and being honest and in my professional opion they have not got a clue what they are doing apart from they know what silicone does its good stuff to hide a botched job. They are shockingly bad they have no skills what so ever avoid them. Thanks for reading this hope it helps in finding a real tradesman or in this case not. Read More
19 Jan 2012
We had a guy over from Newport to repair our patio door problem. He was absolutely brilliant!! The door is now better than when installed nearly 12 years ago!
East Kilbride
14 Nov 2011
This company is part of weatherseal be very careful do not have a clue what they are doing. They take your money and run.
21 Feb 2011
We had a flat roof relined 18 month ago. For one month it was fine after that the gutter started leaking. On 6 occasions a squad come and did a patch up job but each time they made the leak worse. Now the ceiling is down and water from the gutter is still leaking into the kitchen instep into the pipes.
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