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Jen is an professional spiritual medium with many years' experience of working with the spirit-world. She is extremely gifted with a natural talent for mediumship as she is able channel and communicate with the spirit-world. She provides evidence of the continuation of life through memory links, character descriptions and advice and guidance from people that have passed over. Her popularity has grown over the past few years and as well as appearing on stages in this country and abroad to demonstrate her talents, she has also been featured in the national press including the Daily Telegraph.
Jen has a natural gift for clairvoyance, though began seeing spirits from the age of five. At the age of seventeen, she began to experience strong, psychic premonitions and by twenty-one had begun to study and develop her abilities. By the age of twenty-four she entered a spiritual church and since then has progressed her mediumship skills through various circles, courses and events throughout the UK.

She provides customers with a service that is safe, professional and 100% confidential. Readings can be done one to one; over the phone; via email or Skype. During a reading, Jen will make contact with the spirit world to bring forward and communicate with loved ones who have passed over. She provides readings that focus more on an individual's past, present and future circumstances and help find solutions as to how to move forward in life. She aims to be as accurate as possible every time. She is kind, caring and empathetic and able to support and guide people in need of help.

Jen has a growing network of people she reads for situated in and around Leamington Spa, including people from all walks of life. She is available for parties, events and groups bookings though due to a high demand for her services, she requires prior notice for larger bookings.

Jen provides a service that helps and supports people in their time of need. She helps to guide and counsel others through difficult phases in their lives and to connect people with those that have passed on to the spirit world.

Jen supplies readings that are tailored specifically to each and every individual. For those facing the loss of a loved one her aim is to provide comfort and upliftment and to demonstrate that life really does continue after death. For those in need of life counsel i.e. Advice and guidance on current circumstances, she aims to help and empower individuals to find their solutions to life's difficulties and will always guide the best course of action to take.

In 2002, Jen qualified as a graduate with a B. A (Hons) and prior to embarking on a career in mediumship, she enjoyed a professional career working for the N. H. S.

Please contact her via email or phone is discuss your requirements in more detail.

PRICES: One to one and online readings cost 40.00 for an hour and can be paid via Paypal on her site. House parties up to 5 people cost 25.00 per person and last 30 minutes each. Larger events are 15.00 per person for 15 minutes each.

Facebook: Jen Whelan (Spirit Medium).

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