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With over 2 years experience in the internet directories industry, In4Use created a new business index in UK for businesses and suppliers providing baby services, products and accessories to customers throughout the local area. Established in 2007, the business is based in Earlsfield (London).
With a well equipped treatment centre and fully qualified staff, In4Baby directory provides a stage for businesses and suppliers to publish advertisement pages for free in In4Baby directory.
Businesses providing baby services or products can open a dedicated advertisement pages, expose their uniqueness, pictures, tips and discounts to attract surfers to their business.
The exhibition in In4Baby index is free, enabling surfers to view their products, galleries, contact information, home sites and coupons.

Featuring baby furniture, baby clothing, nursery decorations, baby cribs, cots, shoes, rugs, chairs, baby shoes, baby classes, baby massage and more.
The advertisement pages published by the business are perfect for surfers looking for baby items.
Businesses and suppliers for baby items can load their advertisement pages by themselves, using a self loading wizard in In4baby website.
After approving the business information and content, the business can update its advertisement page at any time.
Last Updated : 4 Dec 2008