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Immortal MMA
38 Alston Drive
Bradwell Abbey
Milton Keynes
MK13 9HU

Mon - Fri: 11.00-22.00   Sat: 12.00-18.00   Sun: 12.00-16.00   
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Immortal MMA is a full time Mixed Martial Arts gym in Bradwell Abbey Milton Keynes. The facilities include a 20ft cage, 18ft ring, 70 mtr sqr matted area and a strength and conditioning area. There is also a viewing/chill out area, refreshments, shop, reception and a stand up sunbed.
Immortal MMA will not only be providing MMA tuition, there will also be kick/Thai boxing classes for adults and children, circuit training, women only fitness classes, Pilates and lots more.

Immortal MMA offers various classes and also benifits from a shop on site.

Immortal MMA offers an extensive range of MMA products such as shorts, Gloves and shin pads, They also provide protein and why powers.

Immortal MMA also has an experianced team of trainers who will be leading classes throughout the week.

Immortal MMA has a growing member base throughout Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire and has a range of diffrent clients from children throught to adults.

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Last Updated : 30 Aug 2011