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Healthy Living Direct
Wadsworth Road, Kellythorpe Industrial Estate
YO25 9DJ

Mon - Fri: 9.00-5.00   Sat: 9.00-4.00   Sun: Closed
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With many years experience in the mail order shopping industry, Healthy Living Direct provides discount shopping in store for these catalogues: Healthy Living Direct, Housewares Direct, Inspired Choices, Sparkling Touches, Garden Ability, Foot Friendly and All the very Best to customers throughout the local area. Established in 2007, the shop is situated in Kellythorpe (Driffield).
With just 60 full time staff members, Healthy Living Direct has a professional team, well practiced to a high standard.

Healthy Living Direct has an expanding customer base, located in and around Driffield, including online mail order customers and local visitors to the shop.

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29 customer reviews

1 Jun 2014
This promise that your name is one of two that could win a money prize is a scam and a con which never happens, I have lost count over the years of letters that say you have won a prize and place an order then you stand a chance of winning then nothing so this is going to be reported to Rogue Traders on BBC Watchdog. I have just ordered batteries but no prize was forthcoming.Just reported them to BBC Watchdog,next step 'Investigate'at the Daily Mirror. Read More
22 Jan 2014
I ordered a pair of boots from Healthy Living Direct on 20th November, 2013 and received them on 29th November. The boots were too big and velcro fastenings did not line up. I think the right boot fastenings were actually faulty. After telephoning them twice for return instructions (required by them to do) with no response to call after hanging on the line for 20 mins., each time at a cost of 10p per minute, and also emailing twice with no reply I sent a letter of cancellation to them on 6th December requesting refund of the item, and quoting the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000, which was applicable under the required seven days deadline after receipt of purchase. I eventually received an email on 11th December from them advising return of the item and that they would refund my payment to me once item was received by them. I subsequently returned the item on 13th December, enclosing another letter confirming again that I wished a full refund of the item plus postage and packaging, together with a copy of the original letter I sent and copy of their delivery note. I also sent another letter on the same day, independently, advising them that I had now returned the item and enclosed a further copy of the letter confirming that I was entitled to full refund of item, plus postage and packaging which was £24.98 (£19.99, plus £4.99 pp). To date I have not received any refund from this company neither credited back to my credit card nor refund by cheque. I understand this company has a reputation for not always honouring their refund policy in many cases and giving problems to consumers with their poor customer services, yet they were very prompt deducting the cost of the goods from my credit card after I had ordered them. I wish I had thought to read the online reviews before ordering. Now I am being plagued by letters from them telling me I’ve won X amount in their ‘prize draws’ and the cheque in my name is waiting to be claimed by me. Obviously a scam! Read More
15 Dec 2013
I placed an order 25th November and had to call back to customer services as person taking order took card details and terminated the call without an order reference. I was given reference 13009112 and an apology. My card was debited on 26th November for the full amount, but as nothing had arrived by 4th December, bearing in mind that the catalogue states "prompt delivery", items despatched within 7 days. I was told that nothing despatched as waiting for all to be in stock, I requested that items available be sent immediately with balance to follow.
As nothing arrived by 11th Dec. I called again and was told items were invoiced and with courier and no way to chase. I tried pointing out that the money shouldn't have been taken from card until items despatched and was more or less called a liar as my statement re. Card was wrong. So much for customer service!
Also stated in catalogue "YES my order is over £25.00 or more - please also include my 2 EXTRA Special "Mystery" Bonus FREE GIFTS"
These so called special free gifts consisted of a pack of pocket tissues and something described as a bottle holder! If I could be bothered I would return both items as I consider it quite insulting to have received such obviously cheap items as a special bonus. The complete order arrived 14th Dec. And quite clear they waited for the order to complete before sending. I will not give them any further business in the future.
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5 Sep 2013
Worst customer service I've ever received. Would rate it zero if option available. Still haven't received the goods I was charged for, emails are ignored and the order status incorrectly listed as complete. I was charged within days of ordering but no refund is forthcoming. Noticed hundreds of complaints online about this company. If goods not received in the next few days, I intend to contact Trading Standards. Read More
10 Aug 2013
My mother ordered from this company on July 17th and was told delivery would be within 2 weeks - 3 weeks later nothing had arrived, she tried 4 times to ring them and was kept holding on so long that eventually she gave up, she finally got through to them and was spoken to by a male operator, who was extremely rude to her. The order has FINALLY arrived this week - 1 month late and they have sent 2 pairs of identical shoes, instead of the 2 different colours she ordered. My mother is 79 years old and doesn't want the hassle of returning them - is this what they are banking on, they know most of their customers are elderly and don't want the mither or the expense of returning goods. I will be taking this matter further, to Trading Standards if necessary, I feel it is wholly unfair that they can treat their customers in this way I also think Martin Lewis would be interested to hear about the manner in which this company deal with their customers, I would advise people NOT to order from them and after reading other reviews I'm not the only one who feels this way. Unfortunately I was on holiday when she ordered these shoes otherwise I would have checked them out first. Plus the shoes are only worth about £ 2.00!!!!!!!!!!!! Read More
18 Jun 2013
Ordered goods on 13th June 2013, paid by debit card money taken very quickly from my account, have e-mailed 3 times asking for delivery time, not received answer, in catalogue it says despatched from warehouse in 72 hours, why does it state delivery in 7 days, its only coming from yorkshire to Hampshire will not be buying from again, just hope my order arrives soon. UNHAPPY with this lot.
11 Jun 2013
This company is appalling. Four weeks ago I ordered items needed urgently by my elderly mother and I and have heard nothing. I called to ask where my order was and was kept on hold for 20 minutes - at a cost of 10 per minute. I was told the items were out of stock and would not be available for weeks. I have tried to email a complaint to the address of the website but it bounces back. The goods offered by this company are specifically for elderly, disabled and perhaps vulnerable people who do not deserve his kind of service. They should be investigated by Trading Standards. Read More
14 May 2013
Do not order from this company unless you want a lot of work to receive your order or a refund. I ordered several items on 18 April 2013. After not hearing anything about the order I emailed the company to find that nothing had been actioned as the knork was out of stock. I asked that they send the remaining order and refund for the out of stock item. They did send the order and even though I paid by debit card, they refunded me by cheque. When I received the order I found the locking grab bars were also was out of stock so again had to email to see where that refund was, again I received another cheque. I then checked the products. The waterproof wall lamp with remote control worked for 2 minutes then stopped working and the adjustable slimming belt was massive on the smallest setting, no way the size it advertised. I had to pay to send these back and then chase up a refund again. Which again I was sent a cheque for eventually. Then had to ask someone to pay these cheques into the bank and wait for them to clear. I refused to use their helpine due to the hefty charge. Luckily although having problems with mobility at the moment I have people to help and can use email to chase up things. Vulnerable elderly customers would have difficulties. Unless you chase the company they would never get in touch. Disgusting service and I believe trying to take advantage of people with difficulties. Read More
13 May 2013
Don't buy from these people! I ordered an item which needed refill packs to give it a longer life but refills out of stock but not offered the option of cancelling the main item. Wrap around sunglasses were fit for purpose but marked. Free gift of carriage clock (which was supplied without batteries but you were advised to purchase at 99p) was absolute rubbish - very, very cheap plastic clock. I feel paying for return postage would be throwing good money after bad but future catalogues will go straight into the bin. Read More
25 Apr 2013
Ordered Velour Kaftan Order no 30062 on 11th March with credit card, cashed next day. Sent email when order was not met and to told that the item had been depatched on 3rd April. When I emailed that the goods had not been received I was told that they had no record of the order!!! Had to provide card details, still waiting. This is a case of buyer beware. I am determined that I will recover the money owing and to warn as many potential customers as possible about their incompetence. Read More
19 Nov 2012
My mum ordered an item beginning of October they cashed the cheque in the middle of October, she then sent a letter and they say they cannot trace her order. We now have to give them the cheque number so they can possibly trace it. Wish I had read the reviews before mum order.
16 Aug 2012
Just a warning to anyone considering purchasing goods from this company via catalogue or online.

Apart from the terrible customer service, delivery and return issues, ever since I bought a pair of Comfort Shoes for my elderly mother online, I have been bombarded with spam and physical junk mail.

I receive a different style of brochure every week packed with leaflets for offers, faux scratch cards and guaranteed winning prize draws. Today I received two separate envelopes with brochures. Along with these came the usual prize draw con "You have won £25,000 in a Prize Draw. Step forward and claim the £25,000" As many of the items in their brochures and flyers are aimed at elderly people you can tell they are preying on the vulnerable. Quack Arthritis Pills, Funeral Insurance, Mobility Furniture, Disability Showers etc etc I have also started to receive junk mail from companies that seem unconnected to this lot.

PLEASE, PLEASE give it a lot of consideration before purchasing anything from this company or it's 'sister' companies. If you do, prepare for your address to be sold on and for the junkmail bombardment to start. I have lived at my current address for 6 years and only since ordering one item from this company have I started to receive constant junkmail. And TONS of it! My email that I used to register is now seeing more spam than ever before.

BEWARE of HEALTHY LIVING DIRECT, FOOT FRIENDLY, HOUSEWARES DIRECT et al. All registered at the same address Wadsworth Road, Driffield YO25 9DJ.

I'm posting a photograph of SOME of the junk mail I have received in the last 10 DAYS!! I'd thrown away a pile into the recycle bin on Friday last week!!!

They are preying on the elderly.
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29 Mar 2012
My Customer Number is:21279526. My parcel was delivered today; of 8 items ordered 3 were "out of Stock to be delivered under separate cover" Of the five items listed on the delivery form 2 were not in the parcel and one was not as ordered. The free gift was as expected the Mystery free gift was useless to me. I hope I get the missing and delayed items.
2 Feb 2012
This company and every other one run by Kingstone associates (e.g. are U S E L E S S. It took me 4 months to get my money back, and I would probably never have got it if I had not handed over the matter to my credit card company!. I would strongly advise a search on Kingstone reviews on google before anyone orders anything. S C A M M E R S in my humble opinion!
9 Jan 2012
Goods ordered 24 November. My credit card debited on same day. No goods have been received. e-mails and letter ignored. Phone queue impossible. Got through once, promised a call back - total silence. Dreadful service. Full refund requested - request ignored.
Last Updated : 5 Feb 2010