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Formed in 2009, Harewood Associates has many years of experience in the Property trade. They are providers of high yield investment opportunities throughout the UK. The opportunities require no long term commitment and can typically return over 60% per annum. Investors range from private individuals with savings to business owners through to high net worth clients. Based in Bolton, but with the ability to meet at the convenience of the client anywhere in the UK.
Enabling clients to achieve an unrivalled return on their investment within 16 weeks, the company provides businesses, individuals and organisations with a tailored investment to suit their needs. With a  wealth of experience and expert staff, the service is designed to realise huge returns to the clients.

The company is managed by a team of highly experienced individuals who have worked within the industry for over 20 years, with combined experience in trading over 1000 properties the principals have an excellent track record of achieving high returns within the business for many years. The Management team are experienced enough to run the company, having previously worked for a number of highly successful private entrepeneurs.

1 customer review

3 Aug 2010
I met with Peter Kiely at the head office in Bolton, I had been given conflicting advice by a number of people in relation to my portfolio and how best to achieve future earnings. Peter talked me through everything in detail, telling me the pros and cons of all types of options, he was honest and trustworthy. After I left with various options, I contacted Peter again and he set up a fantastic deal whereby I have achieved a 30% return on my investment and I am now putting it back into a longer term scheme that will potentailly return a further 40%. They are proving to be a fantastic company, they do very little advertising as they prefer to deal with people on a personal basis. Read More
Last Updated : 20 May 2010