Genseed Underground Services Ltd
Sandford Farm, Wickham Bishops Road
Hatfield Peverel
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With over twenty years of experience in the directional drilling industry, Genseed Underground Services Ltd offers trenchless pipe installations to customers throughout the UK. Set-up in 1990, the business is located in Chelmsford, Essex and services customers throughout the UK.
Trenchless Technology is a collective phrase describing the many different methods of installing or replacing underground pipes and conduits without the need to dig long open trenches.

Genseed Underground Services Ltd have the equipment and experience to provide the most suitable method of trench free drilling for the application, whether it's replacing sewage or water pipes, laying conduit or new pipe work beneath a garden, cricket ground, motorway or river.

Directional Drilling is a steerable 'trenchless' method of placing underground pipes and conduits for utility and telecommunication cables (etc. ) with minimal impact on the environment.

Pipe Ramming is another method of trenchless installation of steel pipes and other casings and is particularly suited to shallow pipe installations under roads or railways.

Guided Auger Boring or Auger Drilling is a method of no dig drilling which utilises an auger to extract the debris from the hole.

Thrust Bore or Impact Moling uses a hammering action to displace the soil to create a bore.

Pipe Bursting is a popular method of replacing existing underground pipes such as sewage, water, gas (etc. ), where an 'expander head' is drawn through the existing pipe, breaking it and drawing the new pipe behind.
Last Updated : 8 Jun 2010