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Formed in 2004, FurniStyle has over 10 years experience in the online furnishing sector, with the focus on providing exclusive range of bedroom furniture from full suites to sliding door wardrobes, modern dining room furniture, living room furniture and accessories to a diverse range of customers throughout the UK. The showroom is located in Glasgow City.
The firm aims to supply the general public with an expert home delivery service and has 2 man crew to room of choice facility. The fully qualified staff allow clients to check the furniture and take away all the packaging. The service is designed to be fast and secure every time.

FurniStyle supplies unique range of bedroom suites, dining room furniture, designer sofas, modern coffee tables and other living room accessories like popular Gossip table range. Complete range is now available onlineĀ  at FurniStyle's online shop. Now fastest UK Mainland delivery to your room. The two years product guarantee is just a standard feature just right for everyone wish to take advantage of shopping online. Glasgow Showroom is open monday to saturday 10am - 6pm.

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4 customer reviews

20 Jan 2009
please..........please.........please......Do not buy any thing from this company. waste of time. waste of money. missing items. wrong items send. impossible to get in touch. short of staff...what staff????? the product is rubbish. the information you get in the web side is all wrong.
5 Jan 2009
Everybody much much AVOID this seller!! I ordered 3 items of large furniture from this seller on January 2008 last year! When I gave him fully payment, he delayed again & again, he told me he was ill!! When these did come, ONE ITEM of UNDERBED UNIT was missing! He told me he would order for me again, but also delayed again & again, sometime he said forgot order for me, sometime he said out of stock, so you can imaged what SERVICE of this company!! I have no choice , as I already fully payment!!
Finally , the UNDERBED UNIT did come last month , this item he can't assemble for me , so when we put out from the package, it was old item and damaged, and parts also missing, it 's impossible to build it!! This item still laying on my bedroom, it caused me lot of inconvinence!!
Unfortunately ,king size bed also has promblem appear, the mirror of the headboard was teared , as this bed has 2 years guaranteed , so I tried to contact him many many times, but TODAY still no answer!! NEVER NEVER!! We are going through small claims court now!!
however, I found out this seller everything is tell lie all the time!! He told me he has staff to answer CUSTOMER SERVICE , but never reply, ONLY HIM somtime!! I has been his warehouse 3 time, also only him!!
He also told me he got COMPANY VAN, I found out he just hired a VAN and delivery items to my flat, then send back the hired van, and next days came my flat to assemble my item! It's only ONE MAN COMPANY!!
At the moment he got more and more problem appear, he even STOP SELLING on his Website!!
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29 Dec 2008
Not entirely sure why I am experiencing problems with this company - Great Advertisement showing on websites?? Problems begins as soon as money has changed hands. No Customer Services, All Parts missing on arrive. No reponse from company regarding replacement parts - Still have the wardrobe laying around the house unable to assemble 3 months later. I am going through small claims course. Please avoid this company at all costs. Read More
16 Oct 2008
Avoid this company at all costs. We order an item of furniture which arrived late. when it did come, we were unable to build it for a week or two. When we came round to getting out of the box, it was damaged. We duly contacted them and were spoken to by rude members of staff who tried to fob us off with false information about our rights. They take ages to respond and continue to not give us our money back. We are now going through the small claims court. You have been warned. Read More
Last Updated : 11 Sep 2007