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Font PK Ltd/Ksiegarnia Font
Suite 6, Space House, Abbey Road
Park Royal
NW10 7SU

Mon - Fri: 9:00-5:30   Sat / Sun: Closed
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Font PK Ltd is a growing business offering Polish, Russian and Ukrainian books and Polish DVDs to Libraries, Book Distributors and private clients throughout the UK. The company, which can be found in Park Royal (London), was established in 2007 and has several years experience in the Polish Books distribution sector.
With Font PK website and experienced staff, the company provides a professional service to businesses. The service has been designed to bring the opportunity to the Polish community of staying in touch with their culture and their national literature.

Font PK Ltd has an expanding customer base, located throughout the UK, including Libraries and individual clients.

The company is managed by Piotr Zabielski who has been involved in the None trade for many years. Piotr Zabielski is experienced enough to run the company, having previously worked for a broad range of companies.

The business supplies various Polish and Russian Books, including a choice of different categories. Shipped from Poland, the products are suitable both for individual customers and Public Libraries and can be enjoyed by people at all ages. The range of products are available from the website.

With just 6 hard working staff members, Font PK Ltd/Polska Ksiegarnia has a professional team, qualified to a high standard.

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9 customer reviews

11 Nov 2013
Payment taken - no books delivered. Have nothing to do with this company. Since Then This company has refunded my credit card with payment for the non delivered book. may reconsider using them in the future.
16 Sep 2013
I've ordered my books on 6th of August. Today its 16th of SEPTEMBER and I still haven't recieved my books!!! I should have recieved my parcel within 8 days. I had waited 17 days, wrote e-mail to get to know why I didn't get my order yet. They replied SORRY FOR WAITING YOUR ORDER WILL BE READY TO SEND TO YOU NEXT WEEK. 3 weeks later guess what? I STILL HEVEN'T RECIEVED MY BOOKS. THEY NOT RESPONDING TO MY E-MAILS, I WANTED TO CALL THEM BUT THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH THEIR TELEPHONE. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS BOOK STORE TO NOBODY. IN FACT IF I HEAR SOMEBODY WOULD LIKE TO BUY SOME BOOKS IN THIS STORE I WILL STRONGLY DISSUADE THIS. Read More
9 Sep 2013
i never got my books. Can't get in touch with them. I paid for my books 20/08/2013, should get them within 7-9 days. I tried to contact them since day one and never got answer to any of my emails and their phones are off. Don't recommend it to anyone!
30 Aug 2013
i never got my books. Can't get in touch with them. I paid for my books 07/08/2013 , should get them within 6-8 days. I tried to contact them since day one and never got answer to any of my emails and their phones are off. Don't recommend it to anyone!
Wood Green
2 Jul 2013
Unfortunately I had a bad experience with Font. After 2 weeks of waiting for the audiobooks (Royal Mail (1st class)) I wrote an email asking for explanations. They said that they have a problem with my order as one of audiobook I ordered is no longer available. I had to decide do I want a money or different product. I choose different audiobook and almost a month after I made an order I received only one audiobook. I didn't get the money either. I wouldn't recommend Font Bookshop to anyone. Read More
4 Mar 2013
Beware! This is a very bad book store. I bought one book from them once. Now they keep sending me a lot of spam emails even though I have asked them to remove me from their database several times. Never ever buy from them!!! Once they get your email address they will keep sending you unwanted marketing emails at least once a week.
14 Feb 2011
Have used them few times before. Very happy, and specially my girlfriend. She got the book she was looking for some time... Do recommend
14 Jan 2010
I love reading so I buy a lot of books, and my favourite bookshop here in the UK is ksiegarnia font - even if there is going to be a delay in the delivery they always let me know and explain what happened, so I really appreciate the customer service they provide.
5 Aug 2009
Have used Font Pk several times now and have found them to be reliable and efficient, on the one occassion when I had a query I found the service very friendly and responsive. Would definitely recommend them.
Last Updated : 2 Sep 2014