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Fire Tech Camp is London's first tech day camp. We offer courses in video game development, mobile phone app development, and robotics to children 9-14 years old. Camps run all day (8.30am to 6 pm) and are help on the campus of Imperial College in South Kensington. We aim to get today's generation of young people excited about creating, not just consuming, technology and to provide an innovative, excellent service to parents.
We offer three different courses this year. Video game development teaches kids to design and program their own video game, using an open source software such as Game Salad. Mobile phone app development will get kids to think about solving a problem or creating a useful functionality and then developing an app that's fit for purpose using a platform such as App Shed. Robotics will teach kids to design and build robots using Lego Mindstorms NEX.

Students will work on their own individual project, with the support of an instructor. It is very different from a typical classroom experience, as we focus on the 4 C's: Creativity, Communication, Collaboration and Critical Thinking. Student/instructor ratio will be around 8 to 1.

Genevieve Smith-Nunes is the Head of Curricula and Training. She has seven years of classroom experience and is one of the teachers leading the way in new and innovative ways to get kids involved in coding. Student instructors are being recruited from Imperial College and will all undergo in person training. Between their programming skills, their enthusiasm and the "coaching" or "scaffolding" style of instruction, and our curriculum focused on kids producing independent creative projects, we believe that children will have a great time and build something that they will be very proud of over the course of the week of day camp.

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Last Updated : 19 Jan 2013