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Fiona's Mobile Hairdressing
Flat 4, 37 Coronation Avenue
CH45 5EL

Mon - Sat: 08:00-21:00   Sun: Closed   
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With 10 years of experience in the hairdressing craft, Fiona's Mobile Hairdressing offers lots of services such as cutting, colouring, perming, extensions, styling and wedding hair etc to customers throughout the local area. Founded in 2008, the business is based in Wallasey.
With the ability to travel and working 7 days a week, the company provides a professional service to customers in there own home. The service is designed to give clients a salon service at home to their own convenience.

The company is managed by Fiona Mcgowan who has been involved in the Hairdressing market for 10 years. Fiona Mcgowan is well trained to oversee the company, having previously worked for Suede Hairdressing.

1 customer review

2 Oct 2011
I had made a mess of my hair by trying to bleach it, it was so bad i could not leave the house. Fiona came an saved me, and did an excellant job of it. She came last minate and spent hours sorting it out for me. Thank you so much Fiona.
Last Updated : 29 Oct 2012