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Dynamic Online Ltd
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Based in Coatbridge, Dynamic Online Ltd is a competent company offering office furniture, office chairs and home office furniture to clients throughout Coatbridge. Established in 2006 the company has 20 combined years experience in the office furniture sector.
The firm offers comprehensive office furniture solutions to businesses, which are designed to be cost effective at all times. With a custom built office, the business also has polite staff enabling clients to get sensible easy to understand ergonomic advice.

The firm supplies long lasting office furniture, office chairs and home office furniture, featuring a choice of colours and finishes. Delivered to your door, the products are just right for the home or the office and can be used at home or work.

25 customer reviews

West Wickham
16 May 2012

If you have read all the reviews below do not bother reading mine. I purchased an office chair for £113.00 on 1st May 2012, it is now 16th and I have not received it. Like all the other reviewers I have tried contacting them and just been met with a series of answer phone messages to which I left my details and never had a reply. My wife did get through on one occasion and was abused by a rude Scottish sounding man (if you have read below this sounds very familiar) I am kicking myself for not having read these reviews prior to handing over my money how this obvious sham can still continue lord knows. If anyone from Cheap Office Furniture manages to read this in between crying with laughter at everyone's naivity I hope you are ashamed and hopefully one day will see the inside of one of Her Majesties residences, namely a prison! Read More
9 Feb 2012
After ordering a desk, I was concerned with the non-arrival of the item. I called up and was told it had been damaged in transit and a new one would be delivered in the next few days. This has not arrived. I tried to contact them but there is no reply to the call. Having now read the other reviews about this company I can only agree with them. Not a firm to be trusted.
11 Jan 2012
Unfortunately I've had to rate one star because the review requires a rating, a negative one would be more appropriate. Like everyone else we've been scammed, usual excuses that have all been read here. I cannot understand why the Police, Trading standards etc haven't done anything, and why do the credit card companies, and I mean Visa etc allow them to take money still, that surely must be easy to stop. I guess eventually we'll get back our £174, but as insurance this is an amount that will never ever be paid off from my account. But this is far from enough for me, I want answers from the so called appropriate bodies, are they all mouth and no do? Then there's the retribution, oh yes! And by the way, it seems to me that the GeoTrust "Safe online shpping" Logo, is a fake, you should be able to click it and read all about it!! Read More
1 Jan 2012
I also paid for an office chair in September which was never even ordered and my money pocketed. We seem to be wasting our time compaining as after exhaustive contacts I was told, the banks, the card companies,Trading standards, Motherwell Chamber of Commerce Strathclyde Police & BBC Watchdog were all working to shut these crooks down. That was four months ago and they are still at it. Visa refunded my money I guess they find it more cost effective to reimburse and put up their fees than to go after fraudsters of a few hundred pounds Read More
31 Dec 2011
I've also been scammed by this company. My story is the same as everyone else's. £200 New English style desk ordered in September delayed as it was 'damaged in transit by supplier'. No news after 6 weeks, so cancelled and promised a full refund in 30 days. No refund, now all messages ignored. Nearly four months later and complete silence.
I cannot believe that this company can get away with doing this over such a long period of time. Why have they not been closed down and prosecuted?
I work in the media and have good contacts at BBC Watchdog so I'll be contacting them as well as the Scottish Trading Standards and Police Retail Fraud. I'll also be contacting the report below. We need to form a group action to stop this happening to other people.
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22 Dec 2011
I have also been scammed by this company. i will be reporting the issue to the police and trading standards, if anyone wishes to be included on this action then please send me an email on m
30 Nov 2011
Wish I had read the reviews about this compnany before I had ordered. To cut a long story short I purchased an Ergonomic Office Chair £111.00 after a couple of months the gas lift went. I contacted them to have it repaired and they have sent me a part in a box with no instructions or details, I can only assume this is part of the gas lift mechanism, I asked them who was going to repair the chair and they told me they only supplied parts!! So pretty useless as I have no idea how to fix this chair or indeed where this part should go. WOULD NEVER USE AGAIN AND WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND Read More
Lytham St. Annes
11 Nov 2011
I am still waiting delivery of an office chair ordered and paid for on 30th September for £456.00, like other people have found they never answer the phone or if they do they fob you off with excuses such as "stuck on a shipment, problems with BT, will be with you next week" Totally unprofessional company. I also sent a recorded message to them and their registered office which has not been acknowledged. The do have another telephone number which if they ever pick up is the same phone number as the 0845 one but is just a normal no: 01236 710500 Don't go near this company, I have reported them to the trading standards so lets see what happens next................ Read More
12 Sep 2011
First time I have really been ripped off on the internet this. I ordered a filing cabinet on 16th August and it still isn't here 4 weeks later.Never answer phone,don't reply to numerous emails/messages. I initially got told my stuff had been"broken in transit" but it now looks like this is part of the con.They have not answered my messages for 2 weeks. I will be contacting trading standards tomorow if they do not respond to my communication.Do yourself a favour DO NOT USE THESE COWBOYS! Read More
23 Aug 2011
I ordered an office chain from Dynamic Online on the 8 of August and paid GBP 174, since then I have heard nothing I have phoned and sent many emails to no avail, the least they could do was reply, I did get one reply from "D" saying she would "Look into it" however I've heard nothing, I'm waiting to see what happens next before I update my review.
12 May 2011
After my experience with this lot (which is still ongoing) all i can advise everyone is "do not touch this crowd with a 10ft pole.
i ordered a bentley leather executive office chair on 28/02/2011 and paid via paypal the amount of £174gbp subject to shipping cost to be agreed.
they called me within about an hour to inform me of the shipping cost which i considered too expensive. I subsequently canceled the order by email as requested on the same day and was told that a refund would be made and confirmed by email.
several days passed and no refund,so i emailed to find out why and when i would be receiving it. I was told that there was a maximum of 30 days to make a refund.
only one of 73 plus phone calls was answered and a scottish guy had the cheek to tell me "well you are the one who decided to pay by paypal" as if it were my fault or paypals.
however no further phone calls or emails were answered. I have even sent letters by recorded delivery which have been ignored.
it just seems that these people or person are laughing up their sleeves and rubbing their hands at us all.
well i don't care how long it takes or indeed how much it costs i will get a result. There are ways through the legal system to bring people like this to justice,and this time they have crossed the wrong person!.
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4 May 2011
I ordered a computer desk from this company. I was concerned when I read reviews of this company after ordering it, however I did not have the same problems that the other reviewers on here have had.

They delivered my desk in just over a week (even though there were 2 bank holidays in between) and responded to my query in a reasonable time and gave me an accurate answer for the estimated deliver date that I had requested. I was satisfied with the desk I had ordered and it was not damaged in any way in the post.

From my position it appears as though this company has addressed whatever problem they had which has been giving the other reviewers a bad experience.
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9 Mar 2011
I ordered an ergohuman chair on the 6th of february 2011 and I have not received anything so far 1 month later. No updates. I have telephoned daily for the past three days and finally got through to "reception" where they said 1) the goods were damaged in transit and returned to depot. 2) they will check the order and get back to me (they haven't).

I then read the reports on this website and the experience so far corroborates my own. I will ask for an immediate refund and if I don't get it then I will immediately report them to Glasgow trading standards at


I advise everybody who has had a similar experience to do the same.

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19 Jan 2011
I ordered in august of 2010. I am still to receive the item, it's been nearly 5 months.
I wish I have read the reviews before also. At first it was silence then several e-mails and phone calls later, I was told it got damaged in transit. Then that it was discontinue, the 08455390930 number is rarely picked up and don't waste money leaving a voice message.
I've sent several e-mails saying I want my money back and been met with silence.
I'm going to be reporting this company to my local trading standards as this is absolutely ridiculous.
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St. Austell
4 Oct 2010
STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!! I can't believe i was so stupid that i didn't check this company before i bought! I usually search a company and on the one time i didn't i got stung! The same as everyone else i ordered from them, in my case a CS120 corner desk, i then got an e-mail saying it was discontinued (though they are still advertising it) and offering alternatives, i asked for a refund and from that point was ignored. i once got through to a woman who told me they had 30 days to refund the money and was just plain rude. My bank thought this was wrong but they couldn't do anything until 31 days had past. Now my bank are going direct to the merchant bank to get my money back! If you're reading this then hopefully you haven't already bought from them, SO DON'T! They are con-artists! My next step is to contact trading standards! Read More
Last Updated : 28 Feb 2011