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Dragons Academy Eckington
6 Northgate House, Market Street, Eckington
S21 4EH

Mon: Closed   Tue: 18:00-20:30   Wed: 18:00-20:30   Thu: 18:00-20:30   Fri: Closed   Sat: 09:30-14:30   Sun: Closed   

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Based in Eckington, Dragons Academy offers martial arts and fitness classes for all ages.   From white belt through to black belt students will be able to progress at their own time and ability under the guidance and instruction of Master Terry Walton - 4th Dan black belt. Established in 2010 the clubs instructor has over 10 years of experience in the art of Taekwondo and is also internationally recognised by Kukkiwon (The Korean Head Office).
Helping students to work on general fitness and health alongside learning more about the traditional Korean martial art of Taekwondo, the class provides everyone with a relaxed and welcoming environment in which to train. With a fully equipped training hall and highly qualified instructor, the lessons are designed to be fun, informative and challenging for all.

The club is run by Terry Walton who has been focusing on the Martial Arts and Self Defence sector for many years. Having previously trained as an assistant instructor for another large Sheffield based club, and as Head Instructor at our sister club in Woodhouse Terry is now excited to move on and run the new Dragons Academy martial arts centre.

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