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DoorWayz is a family run business and a well established company based in the UK. Having years of experience and knowledge within the field of supplying and distributing quality yet affordable doors, DoorWayz are no doubt UK’s leading door retailer. The company has vast ranges of doors which are all of a perfect balance of design and durability. All doors that are have a design to complement virtually any room, making your house a home. DoorWayz are committed to supplying the highest quality products at prices never imagined possible. Choose from traditional oak and pine to contemporary walnut.
The firm aims to supply individuals with a range of doors and has many to choose from. The expert staff allow clients to choose something that suits them. The doors are designed to make the home look a million dollars.

The company is managed by Adam Brown who has been involved in the doors business for many years. Adam Brown is well trained to look after the customers, having previously worked for many other big organisations.

3 customer reviews

2 May 2014
Placed an order on 13/4/14 and my money was taken. Was given an order number and then nothing. Both phone numbers are unobtainable and no door has arrived. No response to my email so am I justified in thinking the company has gone to the wall. Buyers beware as the website is still active.
5 Dec 2012
Asked how long a delivery would take for 2 doors and was told 5 days. I ordered and then was told on email that it would be 7 days. On the day of delivery I had heard nothing so rang and was told that it would be another 7 days. I had arrange a joiner for the following day so I was stuck with no doors. I had also taken the day off work. They apologised and offered me discount to which I said that I would not take my businness elsewhere if I got the discount. I was then told that I would be contacted the following Tuesday/Wednesday to organise delivery. This did not happen. On the morning of the proposed delivery date I rang to which I was told they would ring me back, no phone call. I rang again and was told the doors would be delivered before lunch. I asked if they could be left in the garage which I had left open due to the fact that the delivery had not been confirmed and I had to go to work... On their website it said that this can be arranged. They said yes and that they would call the delivery company. About an hour later I got a call from the delivey company saying that no one had contacted them. I still haven't recieved the agreed discount even though I have rang 4 times to which I am told every time it will be sorted that day. I am really disappointed with this service and will never unfortunately never use again. I do have many properties and I was hoping to support a family business. Very poor. Read More
12 Oct 2009
I first found a door on the net which i really liked but the price was out of my range, i contacted doorwayz and within minutes they got a me a much better offer, it saved me money over £50 and on top of that they gave me free delivary. Once i paid the door arrived a day later in perfect condition. Thanks doorwayz!
Last Updated : 8 Sep 2009