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Unenforceable credit agreements.

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Established in 2008, Debtonator has over 5 years experience in the Debt Management and Debt Advice profession, with the focus on providing a unique service to write off loans, credit cards and hire purchase agreements on a no win no fee basis to clients throughout the UK. If your case qualifies Debtonator are likely to be able to have your debts cancelled. This has no impact on your credit rating and is completely legal. Please see the Debtonator website for more details. On the website there is a 2 minute online test to see if your credit agreements qualify.
The company is owned by Tom Attwater who has been focusing on the Debt Advice sector for over 5 years. Having previously worked for HSBC, Halifax and Barclays he has helped many people to work through their debt problems and ensure the validity of their credit agreements.

With state of the art facilities and fully qualified staff, the company is able to offer a professional Debt write off advisory service to individuals. The service is designed to be free for clients, helping clients to get their debts written off with no cost to them if Debtonator are not able to do so.

The organisation delivers a range of advisory services that include debt cancellation services, debt management services and financial advice and is designed for anyone with credit agreements taken out between April 2002 and April 2007. Debtonator offer free consultations with barristers and solicitors, with all advice free of charge. Debtonator is for people in debt, offered by people who have been in debt previously. Debtonator understand your concerns and are genuinely happy to help people in their time of need available from anywhere in the UK.

Debtonator has a satisfied group of customers, situated throughout the UK, including over 200 referrals per week from clients that are amazed at how Debtonators service works.

With over 10 hard working staff members, Debtonator has an expanding workforce, qualified to advise clients on their debts and strives to offer all clients the highest possible customer service standards.

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4 customer reviews

9 Jan 2009
Was very impressed with it
21 Sep 2008
Very good service and a pleasant attitude from the representative I spoke to. Helpful from start to finish - great!
19 Sep 2008
When I saw about Debtonator I did not believe they could get my loan with Barclays cancelled. However, they did and I will be forever grateful - I now have a second chance and have recommended them to all of my friends.
18 Sep 2008
Very professional and brilliant service we receieved from start to finish.
Last Updated : 6 Dec 2008