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Motivation Therapist and Coach
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Chris Lindsay Motivation Therapist and Coach
26 Kilwarlin Crescent, Belvior

Mon - Fri: 09:00-17:00   Sat / Sun: Closed
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Chris Lindsay is a Belfast based Motivation Therapist and Coach Hyp. C. Dip/NLP. Specialising in clinical hypnotherapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapies with Mindfulness. He aims to inspire people to change those things in their life which are holding them back. He puts people at its heart and every client has a solution tailored specifically to them. It is our belief that change should be enjoyable and goal orientated. Whether it be weight-loss, stopping smoking, building confidence or breaking free of stress and anxiety. Be inspired to change and realise your potential.
Chris Lindsay - Motivation Therapist and Coach is about providing solutions specifically based on our clients exact goals or challenges. We listen to you and develop solutions to match your desired outcome. These can include; weight loss, stopping smoking, lowering blood pressure, reducing stress or anxiety, manage pain and promote healing. Building confidence for important events, such as a job interview, exams or even a driving test.

Chris Lindsay - Motivation Therapist and Coach is a registered member of the General Hypnotherapy Register which is part of the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council.

Chris Lindsay has a background in rowing for over 22 years. He has also worked and travelled extensively in New Zealand and Canada in the ski and hospitality industries as well as a kayak guide. Over this time he has developed many of the skill and understanding required to excel in the field of clinical hypnotherapy and motivational coaching. He knows what is takes to deliver exceptional customer service and the motivation to train six days a week to succeed in his chosen sport of rowing. It is this same dedication, drive and attention to clients' needs that he beings to Clinical Hypnotherapy and Coaching.

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