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Carey working with Abi Oyepitan during 2012 Olympics
Carey working with CRPS sufferer, Paul Day
Carey working with Footballer, Kevin George
Carey working with Ex Professional Rugby player, Nick Krauspe, on Skype

Carey Mann
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Carey Mann is a Pain Relief Coach specialising in chronic pain.
She runs a practise at London's Liverpool Street on Friday's and Saturday's along with a weekly London Pain Clinic on Thursday evenings for those suffering with more challenging types of chronic pain.

Carey uses a natural, and modern pain relief system that often works when all else has failed and has worked with Olympic Athletes, Footballers, Dancers, other Sports Professionals. She also has a good reputation for helping people suffering with CRPS/RSD.

Carey Mann offers Modern Pain Relief treatments that tackle chronic pain in a new and effective way. Her speciality is clearing pain and other symptoms that have stemmed from an injury or trauma. She often works with her UK clients face-to-face but works with many International clients, and those outside the London area, on Skype.

Carey has one free product in the way of a 'Pain Relief Lesson' which you can find on her website.

Carey does her best to treat each client - and their condition - individually, and she does her utmost to offer a supportive, warm, and safe environment. She is a member of AAMET and the AMT and she adheres to their ethics at all times. She is fully insured with Balens Insurance.

Carey's clients range from Olympic Athlete's, Footballer's, Dancer's, Boxer's, Personal Trainer's, Rugby Player's, Runner's, Singer's, Music Producer's, and Celebrities. Carey has been featured in many media outlets like The Sun, Daily Express, Runner's World, Prediction Magazine, and recently filmed a TV pilot for Channel 4.

Carey is a member of AAMET and the AMT which are the two biggest organisations supporting Energy Psychology.

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AAMET - Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques
AMT - Association for Meridian and Energy Therapies

13 customer reviews

20 Apr 2014
I work in a busy children's Hospice based in London, and attended Carey's 1 day training session in EFT with an open mind, but with a view to using this technique with children that may be experiencing chronic pain or other symptoms as a result of their illnesses and conditions, if it worked. I already practise Reiki, Aromatherapy and Reflexology and wanted to see for myself what EFT involved, and if I'm honest to see exactly how it worked as I was quite sceptical that 'tapping' could produce any results or noticeable effect at all...... I was wrong! I am still unsure what mode of action this therapy takes, but it works, and quickly! I will definitely be following up this one day course with the further 2 day course, and have volunteered as a case study for a colleague currently undergoing this training. Amazing! Read More
9 Apr 2014
I attended a one day introduction to EFT at St Joseph's Hospice on Friday with an open mind, not really expecting anything.
Carey's whole manner is calm and relaxing, so much so I volunteered to be demonstrated upon, not something I would usually do and didn't expect the strong emotional reaction I had to the demonstration, or the resulting physical effect.
On Saturday morning I woke and noticed after about 20 minutes that I was walking quite freely, even more noticeable, without any pain. I tested myself by walking up and down the stairs and through the house a couple of times to check what I was feeling.
For the past 35 years I have lived with pain from a knee injury I had when playing netball – the passion of my life. This has caused me so much pain and upset over the years, not being unable to take part in so many activities in fear of twisting my knee, falling or loosing my balance. Doing everyday things like walking down the stairs could result in a twist of the knee and a week or two off work. Shopping, after a while my knee would swell up and become very heavy and painful.
Thank you Carey for introducing me to EFT. I’m not sure how it works, but it definitely has made a massive difference to me and I hope to continue to use it’s benefits in other areas of my life.
I will definitely be spreading the word.
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7 Apr 2014
Thank you Carey, for inviting my mum Rita to attend your session on Friday, she was very negative going but so positive now. She is telling everyone she comes in to contact with how surprised she was with it but also how good it works. She says she hasn't taken any medication for the phantom pain since Friday morning. She thorougly enjoyed the day too, finding it very relaxing and is so glad now that I told her about it and she attended. Thank you for all your patience and support with her and for showing her there are other alternatives. JOSIE. Read More
Manor Park
11 Mar 2014
I met Carey at the Day Centre of St. Joseph's hospice and happened to mention that I was in quite a lot of pain, I could barley move due to having nerve spasms in my back. Although I had been under the hospitals Palliative Care Teams for approx. 2 1/2 years, they could not find any drugs that worked on it, or a Tens Machine. I had both MRI and Cat scans and many other tests.

I firstly thought that having my back massaged would help, but after a few sessions, all it did was aggravate it and make it go into excruciating spasms, that no amount of massaging would relieve it, so Carey suggested that we try a few sessions of EFT and amazingly within a couple of sessions I was absolutely pain free (to everyone's surprise and mine!).

The reason for the problem started in 2005 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer for which I had a mastectomy, plus chemo and radiotherapies, then a reconstruction operation for which the surgeon moved a muscle from the left lower section of my back around to the from to replace the muscle lost in the original. Mastectomy operation. This went fine and apart from a few minor twinges I had little problem with my back.

Then a year or so later I started having pains in my left shoulder, and when I went to see my oncologist, it was diagnosed as a secondary cancer in my T6 vertebra, so I had further radiotherapy on that, which cured the problems with pain.

However after a few years in 2009, I started having really bad pains in my back, where the previous problem was, and after consulting with my oncologist again, I found out that the cancer had caused so much damage to my T6 vertebra, that it had fractured and was told not to lift anything at a all and to just rest my back as much as I could so as not to put too much strain on it.

Then within days I was rushed into The Royal London Hospital to have surgery on my back, which entailed putting titanium rods and bars in my bam to fuse together the T5-T7 vetebrae together and also cement in between to fix the three bones into one.

There was a biopsy done whilst doing this operation, which showed that there was still a very small amount of cancer cells in this area, but the oncologist I saw afterwards told me that he thought the medication I was taking at that time would be able to control it.

Anyway after the initial pain of my body healing from the operation and getting less and less painful, it actually started getting more and more painful, and even though I told the surgeon, or his registrars about it they didn't seem to be that worried about it.

In the end after my legs seemed to be losing feeling and were constantly freezing cold, I spoke to my normal oncologist and she told me to go into A&E, so I had to go by ambulance and she sent all the paperwork to them, so they would know what to do.

Which was keep me in the hospital as an in patient while they did various scans and tests to try and find out why this was happening, but nothing showed up on the scans etc. , so they transferred me over to Bart's where I saw a neurosurgeon. He asked for a more intense MRI scan and a specialist to look at the results.

They then told me that the problem was that the cancer had come back and was causing a chord compression in my spine, which in turn was causing a paralysis. This then got gradually worse until I couldn't use my right leg at all and my right leg was paralysed up to the knee.

I couldn't have any further radiotherapy on this area because I had already reached the maximum, so I started another course of chemo, which worked initially, but then the paralysis returned within 2 months, Although this time it was complete paralysis from my waist all the way down both leg.

I then had another different course of chemo, which worked again so we kept it going for a few months longer than the previous one and since then I have pretty much returned to my normal mobility, although I won't be able to work again, at least I can move around a bit more.

Carey's therapies were a godsend to me as I had been in excruciating pain since about November 2009, without any medication working fully to eliminate the pain, yet a couple of sessions of tapping stopped them completely, and as Carey also taught me how to do it myself, any time I get any further twinges or pains, I just do a session of tapping on myself a and it goes away again.

I can now do most things around the house that I hadn't been able to do for many years, and can even drive my car on fairly long trips without much pain, so thanks Carey.
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11 Dec 2013
During my sessions with Carey I found her to be very approachable and easy to talk to. Even though we worked through some difficult memories we still managed to laugh at times.
My pain decreased during the sessions but proved to be stubborn and difficult to shift. I found this frustrating as many clients had experienced much quicker results. Carey was very supportive, giving me reassurance and encouraging me to continue using the skills and information she had provided. I’m pleased to say that the pain is slowly improving.
October 2013.
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17 Nov 2013
I have been suffering with IBS and anxiety for around 1,5 years. My symptoms include cramps, diarrhea, bloating, feeling panicky and generally unwell. Since I started a course of treatments with Carey, my symptoms have improved dramatically. I now have 2-3 days in a row without any symptoms at all, and that means really a lot to me, as doctors told me that nothing will help my condition. I am now able to be in control of my anxiety and have an amazing tool to deal with it. Carey is an amazing therapist, very professional and supportive. Totally trust her and have no doubt about curing my IBS completely very soon! Read More
Welwyn Garden City
13 Nov 2013
I experienced my first Matrix Re-Imprinting session with Carey in June 2011, having battled with body image issues for most of my life. Within a few hours together we had turned this issue into a non-issue! I immediately felt at ease with Carey and her warm and understanding approach to this complex disorder. At no point during our sessions did I feel out of control of the situation whilst at the same time feeling completely in her care, this is a sign of a truly great therapist. I would recommend Carey Mann (and have done) to anyone feeling that their situation is hopeless for together she shows you that the way to reinventing your life experience is anything but that. Read More
6 Nov 2013
I went to see Carey for my first EFT treatment in April 2013 not knowing anything about EFT or what to expect. Carey completely put my mind at ease and I was so impressed with the knowledge that she had on Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) a chronic pain condition that I've suffered with for many years. We had amazing results from that first session with the pain in my left wrist/hand completely going as well as being able to wear my watch and wedding ring on that hand for the first time in 9 years! We are now working together on the pain I suffer in my face and already the pain has dropped from a very intense 8 and is now generally about a 4, which has been life changing for me.

I love that EFT involves gentle tapping and with Carey's help I have taught myself the technique. I no longer reach for a tablet when the pain gets bad but can ease my pain considerably using EFT. Since working with Carey I have been able to come off all of my medication and have control over managing my condition myself and feel like a new person.

I would highly reccommend trying EFT as it worked for me when nothing else did and if you're going to try it, try it with Carey Mann as she is the best!
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28 Oct 2013
Major improvements, even from my first session. She is truly helping to turn my life around and get me back on my feet. EFT works !!
Company response : Thank you Robert. I am really looking forward to being a part of the next chapter of your life x
28 Oct 2013
I worked with Carey Mann on a very strange injury I incurred when falling from a scaffolding onto a metal bar during a video shot. The metal bar hit me on the side of my abdomen just under my ribs. Two weeks after the injury I ended up in hospital in New York while I was touring with my band.

I was in so much pain I could barley walk but the hospital found nothing wrong with me despite the fact that I spent the night and had both MRI and Cat scans and many other tests. I came out of hospital the next day pain free (to everyone's surprise and mine!) but within a couple of weeks the pain came back and this time it spread to my right shoulder blade and my back.

After a few days of this back pain it got so bad I went to see a chiropractor. The chiropractor did his bending and massaging which was excruciating. By the time I got home I could only just about sit down on a chair and then I was stuck there. I sat there for several hours in very bad pain before I asked Carey Mann do to a EFT session with me.

Within a few rounds of tapping the pain started to go away and within 45 minutes I was out of the chair and virtually pain free, although a bit sore.

By the next morning I was feeling completely fine and the pain in my side or back has never come back.
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15 May 2013
I entered the session hoping to gain a little progression in the healing process of my injured ankle but after 5 minutes of Carey's tapping the resistance in my ankle had gone. I was in shock and couldn't stop laughing! It seems that the my achilles are being a bit stubborn at the moment but hopefully after a few weeks of using the script Carey gave me it will disappear.
Company response : It was a pleasure working with you Kevin, and thank you for taking the time to write a review x
10 May 2013
My name is Ben mcbean, I was injured in Afghanistan 08. I lost my left arm and right leg. For 5 years I've tried every tablet and whatever else you get given to try and get rid of my problem-phantom PAIN! It's a nightmare. After seeing Carey for one session already the pain has faded, I can sleep and think straight, over the moon, more sessions to come to get rid of this nightmare once and for all, there's going to be a massive line of people asking Carey to help because what she does actually works. Read More
9 May 2013
For anyone who thinks that EFT is just a gimmick then I can relate to you. Before going to see Carey, I really had no belief that it would work. I suffered from CRPS in my right foot (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) and due to the pain I was in I would give anything a try as conventional medicine was not helping at all. However, after one session with Carey I was able to walk on my foot which I hadn't been able to use for almost a year and a half- the only pain I had was in my leg muscles because they hadn't been used in so long! It has been almost two months and the pain has not returned, a pain I was told by doctors that I would have to live with for the rest of my life.
For anyone who is in pain then go to Carey- there are no drugs involved and you have nothing to lose (apart from the pain!).
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Company response : Thank you for your review Kate. It really was a pleasure working with you and I am so happy that you are enjoying life again and that you are a step closer to getting those Laboutin's x
Last Updated : 9 May 2013