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Advanced class practice musical chairs
Aero learning to pick up a bucket
Bella doing a nice bow while targeting a block
Bonnie & Bella in a down stay
Bonnie holding bucket while targeting a block
Daisy carrying her bucket
Dex targeting a block & leaving a treat placed on it
Tara learning to target a block

Canine Wizardry
37 Morley Hill

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Canine Wizardry provides dog training and behaviour advice to clients throughout north London and the home counties. The organisation, which is based in Enfield, was established in 2002 and has many years of experience in the Dog Training profession.
Dog and owner welfare is the highest priority. Canine Wizardry only uses modern, highly effective, positive reinforcement training methods to deal with everyday problems from pulling on the lead, jumping up, not coming back, chewing, puppy biting and toilet training to more serious problems like aggression to people or dogs. Canine Wizardry will not use choke chains, electric shock collars or any other punishment based method.
Canine Wizardry provides basic training classes for any age and any breed of dog. It also offers 1-2-1 training when appropriate, and in-home consultations for behaviour problems. As part of its work for a chain of rescue centres its trainers travel across the south of England.
With use of a community hall in Enfield and 3 very experienced trainers, Canine Wizardry delivers professional dog training classes to the public. It's classes are intended to be rewarding and fun, helping clients to teach their dogs to be well behaved, well adjusted members of society. Canine Wizardry encourages the whole family to be active participants in training their dog both in the classes and at home.
For owners who find themselves with a dog who has problems, Canine Wizardry aims to provide practical support and help. We do not guarantee a quick fix. Most problems require time and effort to overcome.

With 3 hard working trainers, Canine Wizardry has over 30 years combined experience of working with owners and their dogs, between them they have degrees in Psychology and Physiology and have studied animal behaviour at Masters degree level.

Canine Wizardry trainers are full members of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (International).

Canine Wizardry has an expanding client base, located throughout Enfield, and north and east London. Through its work with a chain of rescue centres, it provides training and advice to dog owners throughout the south of England from Clacton to Cornwall.

6 customer reviews

Potters Bar
2 Nov 2012
Training with k9wizardry has been very rewarding for me and my German Shepherd companion- instruction and advice given in a calm and relaxed manner also valuable insight into canine behaviour.
Mill Hill
29 Oct 2012
ive been attending Canine Wizardry for about 2 years now. We took a 1 year old lurcher pup that was a rescue from the Nawt to the classes. The help and support we received turned an extremely excitable puppy into an excellent family dog. We attended the Puppy class, the intermediate class and continue to attend the advance class, Dexter loves the interaction we continue to learn so we continue to attend. Great value for money, if it was 3 tomes the price we would still attend.
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22 Oct 2012
I went along to the puppy classes with my dog Freddy. He loved learning new skills as well as a chance to sniff other dogs!! The puppy classes were great and we progressed to the intermediate classes after. The trainers were wonderful and had lots of patience with me as I think I got it wrong more than Freddy did. Thanks for all your help.
19 Oct 2012
The classes run by Canine Wizardry, which I have attended with my two terriers, have always been fun and informative. The trainers really understand what makes a dog "tick" and they pass this information on clearly and concisely to owners. They use positive, reward-based methods and I highly recommend their services.
Potters Bar
19 Oct 2012
Over the years I have attended several dog training classes, but Canine Wizardry is the first class that I have truly enjoyed and benefited from. My German Shepherd is not overly confident but they have helped me boost her confidence and we have achieved more than I ever imagined. The trainers provide a safe, relaxed, stress free environment which enables dog and owner to enjoy learning, they ensure that the dogs progress at a rate that is right for them. In the seven years that I have been attending their classes with my Shepherd we have progressed from the beginners class through to the top class, something I have never achieved before. Read More
17 Oct 2012
Photo uploaded by Nicki WhiteI started training both of my dogs with Canine Wizardry when they were 12 weeks old. This turned out to be such an enjoyable experience for both of the dogs and myself, that I still attend classes every week 7 years on. Only modern, reward based training methods are used and clear explanations given. All the trainers have infinite patience with dogs and handlers. I would reccommend that any dog owner, wiith any type of dog use Canine Wizardry. Read More
Last Updated : 3 Nov 2012