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Rosy Apple Pops - Scrumptious apple flavour lollipop.
Disco Pops
Fizzy Cola Pops
Scot Pop's (Raspberry Flavour)
Banana Split Pops
Sour Strawberry Pops
Valentine Pops
Super Sucker Dummies
Halloween Pops
Bonfire Pops
Christmas Pops
Handmade Giant Lollipops
Toffee Apples
Rock Dummies
Twist Pops
Twist Pop Drum
Clear Dummies

Candy Swirls UK Ltd
Unit 5A Moor Park Industrial Estate, Bispham

Mon - Sat: 9.00-5.30   Sun: Closed   
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Candy Swirls UK Ltd (t / a Fun Kandy) are suppliers and manufacturers of wholesalers lollipops and rock novelty products:
Fun Kandy's aim to be one of the leading seaside novelties rock and traditional lollipop manufacturers in the UK, situated in the heart of rock manufacturing in Blackpool. Fun Kandy’s knowledge has been gain over 45 years in the business. Fun Kandy export throughout Europe, supplying to both trade and wholesale outlets. Fun Kandy’s specialise in producing rock lollies and Seaside novelties such as clear and rock and dummies, twist pops using traditional methods.

The business manufactures various lollipops that are handmade in th UK. The products feature a choice of colours and patterns, making them appropriate for a wide range of customers, and they are available from Fun Kandy's direct.

They specialise in manufacturing :
- Clear and Rock Dummies
- Lollipops - Foot / Sweetheart / Rainbow / Tropical Twist
- Humbugs on a Stick
- Party Packs
- Giant Lollies.

Drum Lines:
- Pops - Disco / Sour Strawberry / Rosy Apple / Fizzy Cola
- Pops - Blackjacks / Twist / Banana Split
- Pops - Scot / Bonfire / Halloween / Valentine Lollipops.

Fun Kandy's look forward to hearing from you.
Last Updated : 31 Jan 2009