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Burnham Environmental Services Ltd
27 Brightstowe Road
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With more than 40 years of experience in the Sewage Treatment industry, Burnham Environmental Services Ltd provides Biodigester Sewage Treatment Plants and  consultancy services to customers throughout the UK and internationally. Founded in 1987, the business is based in Burnham-on-sea.
Designers and manufacturers of environmentally-friendly sewage treatment plants to modern standards, for all applications where no mains drainage is available. Single Houses, Small Settlements, Rural Industrial Units, Pubs and Hotels, Golf Clubs, Offices, Residential Homes and Caravan Sites. A modern replacement of the traditional septic tank. Air is blown into the BIODIGESTER by an electrically powered compressor mounted normally within 10 metres of the sewage treatment plant. The air is diffused from the bottom of the central chamber.

Easy installation and maintenance.

The business manufactures a range of Biodigester sewage treatment plants that produce a clear odourless effluent and are suitable for a wide range of applications, from a single house up to populations of 2000. Made locally, the product range includes the 'T' range Biodigesters which cater for a single house (T6  for up to 6 people) up to a T42 (for up to 42 domestic residents), larger Biodigesters are available up to a Population Equivalent of 2000. The Biodigesters are available from ourselves.

Helping clients to solve their sewage problems, where they are no mains drains, comply with Environment Agency and Local Authority Permissions throughout the year, the company provides individuals, architects, builders etc with a range of sewage treatment plants and consultancy advice. With two phone lines and friendly staff, the service is designed to be helpful and informative.

The company is owned by Mark Newbery who has been working in the Sewage Treatment market for more than 40 years. Having previously worked for the National Rivers Authority (now the Environment Agency) as a Pollution Prevention Officer, Mark Newbery is more than qualified to run the company.
Last Updated : 6 Jul 2011