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Bristol Taxis
204A Cheltenham Road, Montpelier
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Bristol Taxis is one of the longest running taxi firms in Bristol. It has stood strong against externalities over the last 16 years. The firm has the ability to regenerate as often as need be to constantly meet the demands and requirements of it's clients. There is a specialised fully computerised booking system in place which reflects the effectiveness of Bristol Taxis.
The staff have numerous advanced skills between them. The telephone operatives have high levels of customer service, are effective and very professional with all that they do.
The drivers also have very good customer service skills, know Bristol better than anyone could imagine and have an exceptional work code of conduct.

Management in Bristol Taxis is of a very high standard. There is a strict policy of professionalism and customer service. They endeavour to keep the companies reputation glowing and are always looking for new ways to improve their service to the customer/s.

The firm has an ever expanding network of clients. Bristol Taxis takes every effort to pleasantly please their clients and are positive with the results to date.

3 customer reviews

9 May 2011
I booked three taxis several days in advance to take a group of 18 people to a 50th Birthday boat trip. It was important that we got there in time as the boat was booked for two hours and we needed to leave at 12pm. I called the day before the taxis were needed, to check the arrangements as it was important they hadn't been forgotten. We arranged for the cabs to come at 1125, leaving plenty of time.

The cabs came from 1135 to 1145. The first driver told me 'can you hurry up, I'm late for my next job'. I said 'you're late for this one'. He did not know where he was going. The next driver's cab was not clean. He had to clean the back seat before setting off. The final cab driver told me he had been brought over to North Bristol from Temple Meads as they didn't have any 6 seaters for our job. I rang to complain as soon as it was clear that we were going to be late. I was told there had been a computer crash. If that was the case, why not let me know, so I could make arrangements with another firm? I risked losing my boat which cost several hundred pounds to book.

I had also booked these cabs for a return journey and arranged a £5 discount for that. But that was not enough, in my view.

The individual drivers were friendly and courteous, even the one who asked us to hurry up. But none knew where they were going, and all were late for a job where I had specifically stressed the importance of getting there in good time.

The cabs on the way back were only 5 minutes late turning up and all the drivers this time knew where they were going. But this return journey was less important.. no boat waiting now.

Perhaps this is a good company having a very bad day. All I can say is that the service I received was atrocious and the discount offered too small. I had done all I could to check and recheck the booking but the delivery was very poor. I won't be using them again and wouldn't recommend them to anyone else unless you don't care when they turn up and don't have a deadline to meet.

I have never posted a review for a service before, but feel I have to in this case, as it was so bad.
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10 Jun 2010
I stayed in a local Bristol Hotel when I was in Bristol and did not know the areas in Bristol very well. I was very impressed with the level of service provided by Bristol Taxis and later found out that I was lucky enough to have had them as the taxi firm I had used as the priced which they charged was lower than most other firms in Bristol. Thank you guys, Jaz
27 Apr 2010
I was happy with the way the lady on the phone spoke to me. The taxi got to me on time when it was traffic hour and I got to my destination 5 minutes early. Result! :-)
Last Updated : 27 Apr 2010