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Bentley Fishery
Brentwood, Essex
CM14 5RU
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Bentley Fishery is a 3.5 acre 40 year old lake which sits nestled in the Essex countryside. The lake is owned and managed by John who has spared no expense in creating this unique fishing experience. The lake has 8 purpose built swims which offer each fisherman ample room for bivvies and fishing equipment as well as stunning views of the lake, even though Bentley is a day ticket water it feels much more like a syndicate.
At Bentley it's not just the surroundings that will leave everyone speechless as the lake is well stocked with over 100 quality English Carp. From flawless commons to beautifully scaled mirrors, these are some of the finest fish to have ever been caught. At the moment the lake record stands at 29lb, which should be broken in the spring.

Willows sway majestically and beautiful lily pads carpet the water as some 120-specimen carp swim below them. The lake boasts two islands, pads, roots, reeds, trees and other interesting features and has been designed to give each fisherman their own private area of the lake.
Last Updated : 18 Jan 2011