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Basildon Podiatry Clinic
731 Clay Hill Road
SS16 4NH

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Formed in 1965, Basildon Podiatry Clinic has been established for over 40 years, and provides podiatry/chiropody to clients throughout the region. The clinic is located in Basildon. Parking is available.
Sushila Patel is the Podiarist. She qualified from Cardiff University in 1988 and went on to be employed by Nottingham Health Authority for two years.

The valuable experience that she gained in employment allowed her to set up private practice in Essex. She also set up a Podiatry Clinic in the medical department of the Ford's Dunton Technical Centre in Essex.

She is a member of the Health Professions Council (formally known as State Registration). This is the only qualification that is recognized for employement by The NHS.

The Surgery offers a caring and professionl medical service offeing treatment and advice on all aspects of foot health to all ages.
Safe, gentle and effective routine chiropody treatment for:
corns, callosities, painful and cracked heels, verrucae, fungal infections, nail problems e.g. Ingrown toe nails. Very dry or sweaty skin.
Risk assessment advice and essential footcare for diabetics, rheumatoid arthritis, high risk patients and patients on medication such as steroids.
Biomechanical Examinations are also carried out and a range of orthotics and insoles can be prescribed where necessary.
The surgery also provides a foot scanning service together with foot wear analysis and foot wear to suit all inividual needs.

Basildon Podiatry surgery offers a 'Biomechanical Examination' service.

This will also include Foot wear analysis as well as shoe wear marks analysis.

This builds a picture as to how a person walks and why he/she could be experiencing pain or any other problems with their feet.
The surgery also has a revolutionary foot scanning machine which also provides very important information about feet.
Once this information has been gathered appropriate steps can be taken to provide clients with special insoles, orthotics and/appropriate foot wear.
Basildon Surgery offers a range of high quality fashionable men's and women's trainers, walking shoes, casuals, fashion wedge heels, dress flats and a specialist range of therapeutic foot wear.
Last Updated : 14 Dec 2009