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Ball Hill Farm Upholstery
Rock Hill

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With many years of experience in the soft furnishing and upholstery craft, Ball Hill Farm Upholstery offers upholstery and upholstery courses to customers throughout the local area. Established in 1985, the business is now situated in Rock Hill, near Wrantage (Taunton).
The firm provides clients with professional upholstery instruction and has a fitted workshop, and provides all necessary tools and equipment. Nicky Gane helps clients learn upholstery and have fun. The service is intended to add to your upholsterers skills every course or class attended.
As well as weekly day and evening classes, Ball Hill Farm Upholstery offers weekend courses to ensure rapid progress. Refreshments, including a light lunch, are included in the fee. For full details please refer to the web-site. To discuss your needs and possible projects do 'phone or email.

Nicky trained in soft-furnishing in the early 80s with the growing Laura Ashley company, and then ran her own business while bringing up her family.
In the 1990s she took City and Guilds' Creative Studies in Upholstery, passing with the rare Certificate of Excellence.
Nicky brings many years of experience, both as an upholsterer in her own right and as a teacher in the public and private sectors.

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