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ABC Beauty Ltd
Units 15F Dickson Street, Elgin Industrial Estate
KY12 7SN
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Founded in 2006, ABC Beauty Ltd has more than 12 years experience in the beauty sector, with the focus on providing Australian Bodycare, Dr Lewinns, Talika skincare products along with a number of fragrances, slimming products and cosmetics to clients throughout the UK. The company is located in Cowdenbeath.
The firm offers a range of beauty products to salons, retailers and the general public, which are all unique and clinically proven to suit any budget for all ages, both sexes and all skin types. With a reputation for excellent customer service and prompt delivery, the business also has fully qualified and friendly staff allowing clients to seek guidance on products whilst not being over pressurised.

The firm supplies a comprehensive range of beauty products, featuring Australian Bodycare tea tree oil products, Talika, Silver Slimming, Dr Lewinn's, Chinaglaze, Ted Baker fragrances, J Del Pozo fragrances and other leading cosmetic, fragrance and skincare brands. They deliver these products quickly and economically, the range of products they stock are suitable for men, woman and all ages and can answer all skincare and beauty needs. The products are available from the website at a reasonable price.
Last Updated : 27 Nov 2009