Leaflet Distrbutor

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Job Title:
Leaflet Distrbutor
Portsmouth - View Map
Start Date:
January 2009
Part Time
Salary / Rate:
Dependant On Delivery

Job Overview

Is it a full time job?

No, this is occasional work. How often we can offer assignments to you depends on where you live and whether you are looking to work only in your immediate neighbourhood or are prepared to travel.

Do I have to do every job you offer me?

No. We don't guarantee to offer you work and you are not committed to take work that we offer you. We understand that many of our distributors like the work because they can always say "no".

Can you offer me regular work?

This depends on where you live, our work schedules at the time and whether you have transport and are prepared to take on work that is not on your doorstep. In most cases we can keep our distributors as busy as they wish to be.

How much work is involved in a typical job?

A typical assignment for our distributors would be to deliver 2 or 3 items to 1000 households. We may be able to offer you a smaller distribution so don't be put off if this sounds like a lot. Equally, many of our distributors take on more than this.

How long would I have to complete an assignment?

Typically a week, sometimes longer. When you do the work within that time is up to you, though clients do not like to have their items delivered too early in the morning or too late in the evening.

Duties and Responsibilities

Delivering Leaflets Within A specified Times.

Skills / Qualifications / Experience Required

No Experience Needed.

Last Updated : 5 Jan 2009