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I am at the position now of where I am looking to recruit New Business Development Executives, as part of the strategy to grow the business. I am meeting with a expert tomorrow in order to set and implement a strategy around marketing but, it's the sales side of which needs an immediate attack.

I have been employed in New Business Development sales roles myself but with a company in a very different sector altogether and with a very different strategy to sales than I would like to deploy. This often found me cold calling either on foot or by phone for about 80% of the time, often with little success for whatever reason. This finds me at a crossroads as I feel that the business would benefit with New Business Sales staff as opposed to myself.

The new rules around minimum wage mean that I am unable to implement a recruitment campaign around employing staff on a commission only basis. I do not have capital available at this stage to take on paid sales staff therefore am looking to gauge opinion into the feasibility of seeking to recruit Freelance Sales Representatives. There is a genuine and realistic opportunity to earn a very high wage (£50k - uncapped) on commission of sales based on value and I think it has potential. I have, however, submitted a job vacancy on this site for about 4 weeks now with 2 replies, both of which were from low quality applicants.

Your opinions and time are greatly appreciated.


You need to look at employing Sales Agents, they will work on a commission only basis, your best option is to

look at MAA manufacturing agents association or BAR British agents register, average commission is around 10% of sales, paid monthly.


Hi Joseph,

It is quite possible to employ sales staff on a commission only basis, there are severals ways to approach this and you do need to take care that you get it right.

I have looked for sales people on this basis myself and have found them to be really very unreliable, as arguably we would be ourselves if we weren't even guaranteed to be paid minimum wage.  When it comes to sales staff I think that you have to have them on site in front of you watching what they do and say until you have some confidence in them.

From bitter experience I can safely say that you don't want to unleash the wrong type of sales staff on your potential customers giving them a bad impression of your firm, this will undoubtedly do more harm than good!  Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find the right type of sales person despite offering a similar genuine opportunity so I can't help you with this! 

With regards to contracts and terms, however, if you need any assistance with these please let me know. 

Kind regards,



In wales there is an organisation called Go wales which runs freelancing course where graduates who wish to go into freelancing can attend. Graduates are looking to go into various aspects of business all working as freelancers. These course are for graduates only and lead to a ILM qualification. If you are in wales it might be useful to contact them or if you are in England see if there is something similar. GO Wales also offer help and advice for employers who might wish to offer work placements or recruit staff on a short term paid placement. Hope this might be of help.


I recently held two recruitment drives but the quality of candidates was of a poor standard

It seems that the only way really would be to target a couple of sales reps in the East Midlands areas one for each county. However there would need to be investment on the table to do this so i think I'll have to park this idea at this time

Thanks for all your input thought much appreciated