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I created a website through vistaprint and would like to know how to get in on google results.  my website is and the only way I can find it on google is by putting in the whole address.

I would appreciate it if people could look at my site and give me some advice.

I have keywords at the bottom of each page (in a white font so people can't see them).  What else could I do to improve my ranking?



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30 Mar 2011
Rob Hadingham from
On Page One

White text on a white background is one sure way to get a Google penalty. There aren't too many worse things I can think of.

The site is pleasant - I think social media is your best bet for internet traffic.


Hi Jodie,

I also use vistaprint to host a website, If I remember correctly they submit at least one page from your site to google yahoo etc as part of the sign up package, there should have been an option during the setup process which allows you to select which page you would like to have submitted, I chose the pro package when i signed up and i believe it gave me three search engine submissions at the time, It took a few weeks before our site started to appear on google using our keywords but when it did it was almost top of the first page and has stayed there ever since, I also use Google's Adwords and the two linked together work very well for us,

Hope that helps,



A google penalty? How would that work?


Hi, ideally you should get a web marketing company like myself to get you the results on Google.

DON'T whatever you do use white text on a white background, that trick is so hold hat now and Google will penalise if not ban you from this.

First thing to do is to setup Google Webmaster Tools on your domain, you can then check to see if your listing is banned or not and also a host of other useful features.

Secondly remove the white text on a white background as you do not need to hide this text, Google likes to see keywords at the beginning and end of your site as well as throughout the content.

Once this is removed, generate a sitemap for your website and submit this to Google Webmaster tools, your site will soon get respidered and hopefully indexed.

Beware, getting your site indexed does not mean you are going to get a good ranking, this all depends on many factors.

1. Age of site

2. The amount of incoming links, best with keyworded anchor text.

3, The actual layout and structure of your site

4. The content of your site is also very important.

If you would like a free analysis let us know and we will be more than happy to help.

Thanks, John


Thanks John,

A quick analysis would be great. The reason I used the white text was; when I built the site, Vista print only gave me a handful of fonts to choose from (all very poor), so I created the content for each page in photoshop using the font I wanted as saved it as a .gif. Then put it onto my site as an image. So without the white text, my website wouldn't contain any text at all.

Also, with Vistaprint, I am limited to what I can do with the site, so I can't do anything with HTML, as I have no access to it.

I think I should've read a little more into Vistaprint websites before I signed up.

Any help would be appreciated.




Hi Jodie, have just sent you a message, just checked where you have put them keywords and oh my god, remove them instantly, you are keyword stuffing and that is not good practice, images can always have keywords attached to them. For example you would use an alt tag like

Your Keyword Here and the same goes if you want to hyperlink it you would use an title tag so it would be:

Your Keyword Here

Ideally you only want 5-7 keywords max on homepage, the same goes for each page really, you also need to make sure that your keywords and description meta tags are unique otherwise you will get duplicate content.

Keywords meta are not currently used by Google, but they are for Yahoo and other search engines, so you need these tags to cover all options. Your main page title should have your keywords in it, and these keywords should also be in the meta description within a sentance,




Thanks a lot John.

I have removed the pile of words at the bottom of each page, and renamed all of my pictures. I have also added a blog which has my key words throughout.

Would you mind having another quick look and giving me your feedback.

I really appreciate your help




Hi Jodie

I've taken a look at the system and the code, and to be honest, you will be very very lucky if the current site ever achieves high natural positions on Google for any of the generic keyword phrases that you will probably need to target in order to achieve a good level of sales.

The problem with these type of systems is mainly due to the restrictions and pretty bad coding by the developers.

When tested against W3C standards, the site has lots of errors, due to poor code. (not your fault)

I've generated a detailed report which I can send to you via email, if you wish to read it.

To be honest, you would be better off using Google AdWords and Facebook Advertisement to market the site on this current system.

Your problem is very typical of many people who buy into these low end ecommerce packages, then try to optimise the sites to target generic competitive keyword phrases.

As a guide, a bespoke ecommerce platform based on what you have on the site, would have cost somewhere between £1.5 and £3k - This would provide you with a solid foundation as regards natural SEO, more features and a lot more scalability.

Hope you don't mind my honesty, I have a lot of experience with optimising ecommerce sites and I would have given the same advice to any direct enquiry about these types of systems.


8 Apr 2011
Paul Hancox from

Once you have done all the suggestions above then all you need to do is submit your site to Google and then wait for the googlebots to index you (2 - 12 weeks)

Here is the URL you need

Best of luck.