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I set up a youth production ballet company in 2006 and I was wondering if you know of any business grants available for young people setting up their own business?
I have tried applying for an arts grant but didn't meet the criteria.

I am 25( was 23 when I set it up), the business is currently funded by the parents of the dancers (paying their fees and for their costumes) and also ticket sales.

There isn't a huge amount of profit, but if there was I would like to put it back into the company, purchasing costumes, sets and offering scholarships and cheaper fees to make it more accessible to all dancers.

Can you give me any advice? I trained at a ballet school so all this business thinking is quite new to me!

Many Thanks,

Hailey Prince
Berkshire Youth Ballet

Hi there,

I would certainly try Business Link as a first port of call, and then trawl through the various grants and organisations that fund projects in the Berkshire area - you will be surprised how many of them are out there, and there just might be a private group for whom who you fill the right criteria, in providing activities for young people and for arts. There are so many different groups around, don't give up hope until you really have tried them all!


Tim Brown 


Tim is right. I would add charitable trusts like the Esmee Fairbairn foundation to your list of possible sources of money. Given that recordings of British contemporary classical composers have been funded by The Grateful Dead, the list of potential funders is limited only by your imagination!