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Hi, I am 18 years old and looking into grants for setting up my own business as a self employed beauty and holistic therapist in Hertfordshire and have not had much luck.

The business already exists and I would be renting a room within the premises. I am saving my own money but also need a grant to help me with costs of advanced training/ kits/products and promotional material to set up with. I have researched but haven't had any luck as of yet and have visited business link and princes trust.

Could you suggest anything to help me out with this as I was hoping to start in April and am running out of ideas??

Kind Regards


Hi Chloe,


I would have recommended Business Link as the first port of call but it seems you have already tried this - failing that i would scour the internet for any start up grants particularly for young people and also potentially for female entrepreneurs. There is nothing that immediately springs to mind, many business get off the ground initially with the help of 'soft' loans from family members but i'm struggling to come up with anything else i'm afraid. It may also be worth looking for any region-specific money that may be available to start-ups, in say, the Hertfordshire area




Tim Brown


hi, try the princes trust...they help people to start there business. they do have loans and a business advice team. but you must have a good business plan and good marketing and contengencies to help your business succeed.
ian rogers